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Ethernal stripes in color.

Hi there!

So this is my first outfit post is here, so excited! I was a little bit afraid of what I should write about and probably this won’t be the best article here, but doesn’t matter. Be patient, I’ll figure it out soon!

The outfit I chose for today is sweet and simple. We both love stripes. This piece is in less usual colors, but pink is my color and with blue it matches the bag I am wearing. For me stripes mean summer, sea and timeless elegance.

And I shouldn’t forget the skirt! I don’t even remember where is it from. It!s simple, A-line dark blue skirt, pointing out the waist. Wearing it quite often I am mixing it with various tops and accesories. And the sweet bow sandals are my favourite for this month.

So that’s it. I’m spending this week in mountains with friends. I hope you are having amazing summer so we I do.

See you soon guys. Enjoy!


Colored ethernal stripes 1 Colored ethernal stripes 2 Colored ethernal stripes 3 Colored ethernal stripes 4 Colored ethernal stripes 5

T-shirt: vintage
Skirt: no brand
Bag: Marks&Spencer
Sandals: no brand


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